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Good quality LED Jeep Headlights for sales
Good quality LED Jeep Headlights for sales
Amazing lights,haven't wired the two top lights yet but the bottoms were installed 2 days ago and are awesome. Super bright lights,can see everything.

—— Dustin Sanders

Great bar! Looks and feels like it is high quality. The light itself is very bright and illuminates alot, great aethstetic and useful item

—— Bradford Burns

Extremely pleased with this light. It did everything I expected and is so much better because of the remote.

—— Robert Gutierrez

I am very pleased with the lanterns. I have one of the similar lanterns sold on TV for a lot more money and it is not as good as yours. Thanks

—— Sam Baker

Great work light that my wife and I use to light up our 10x10 canopy for face painting. Battery lasts a long time, even on high output mode.

—— Bubba T Kalookakoo

Awesome light bar. Will be ordering another one soon for my 2015 F350. Very very bright for such a small bar.

—— Paul gallamore

Love it so far. Very bright and very broad coverage area. I mounted it on my brushguard and it was very easy to mount.

—— Daniel

Awesome product, simple to install and works flawlessly.

—— Jim Waters

Great product! Exactly as described! Easy to install. High quality and extremely bright light.

—— Fabian Jaimes

This is my 3rd light bar I have purchased from Prima and they are always great quality. I highly recommend buying from this company.

—— Clyde

Best light bar on the market, and I have tried a bunch.

—— Scott V.

This light is really good every thing worked well including blue tooth and very easy to install true plug and play. Quality stuff.

—— Julian

I like it a lot and keep buying. Excellent led bar, I really like the strobe function and the different colors it emits.

—— Juan Carlos

Light very bright and durable. The glass on the lenses still clear and holding quality

—— Don Will

Love Them It Says There Only 27W But They Light up The Trail Like Daylight, The Lights That Were On The Machine Were 37W And You Couldn't See Nothing.

—— bert korte

Very Bright, Love them. One is rigged for Flag lighting (outside), and the other is for my work bench for computer repair

—— Frank

AWSOME LIGHTS! Quality is top notch. These lights are huge improvement over stock. NO RFI INTERFERENCE. Customer service is great.

—— Daniel Ellis

Great lights, easy install, and super cheap. These really light up the road. Highly recommend.

—— ray waters

Easy install, removing the grill is easy enough, removing the existing headlights was easy, removing the fog lights in a Rubicon kind of sucked.

—— John Howard

Good quality and very bright. Planning on ordering another for a friend, as a thank you for putting my jeep back together after i painted it.

—— Leonidas

When Darkness falls, when the night rolls in, when you are alone and scared all it takes is....one quick flick of a switch. Boom! Hello Sunshine!

—— keith morris

Awesome pretty bright for the price love it helps a lot in the suburbs were I live.

—— donald truman

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Company News
china latest news about Color Quality of White LEDs

Color Quality of White LEDs

[2017-08-03 21:22:40]
Color quality is one of the key challenges facing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a general light source. This paper reviews the basics regarding light and color and summarizes the most important color issues related to white light LEDs. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lamps, LEDs are not ... Read More
china latest news about Machine Work Lights Are Available In The Install The Areas Which Need Attention

Machine Work Lights Are Available In The Install The Areas Which Need Attention

[2016-04-28 20:26:02]
Machine tools work lights is the most common machine tool equipment to lighting, each lamp has a different form, so installation time is also different. Machine work lights at the time of installation where there is what time is particularly noteworthy: First, attention to the fixing screws when ... Read More
china latest news about LED Work Light's Intrinsic Characteristics

LED Work Light's Intrinsic Characteristics

[2016-04-13 20:22:12]
LED work lamps inherent characteristics determine which is the most ideal light sources to replace traditional light sources, it has a wide range of uses. Small size: LED is basically a very small chips are encapsulated in epoxy resin, so it is very small and very light. Low power dissipation: LED ... Read More
china latest news about Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

[2014-08-12 18:50:38]
Prima offers a Lifetime Warranty for our led work lights and led light bars to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product. If the same ... Read More
china latest news about How to test LED light attenuation?

How to test LED light attenuation?

[2014-07-23 18:46:48]
LED light attenuation is the light weakens during transmission, the light fades of LED made by each companies are different, there are light decay also for high-power LED, and it’s have direct relationship with temperature, mainly depend on the chip, phosphor and packaging technology. The LED ... Read More
china latest news about What’s lower power LED?

What’s lower power LED?

[2002-12-09 18:43:46]
Usually, low power LED with rated current lower than 20mA, if higher current can be counted as high power LED. And recently most common used lower power LED is DIP and SMD. And they also have different types, here are the details: 1) DIP LED (Light emitting diode): We have called LAMP LED, DIP LED ... Read More
china latest news about What’s the high power LED?

What’s the high power LED?

[2002-12-09 18:42:43]
Generally, high-power LED light source is a single LED power higher than 0.5W. At present, many manufacturers use low power LED, but it need use a lot of LED, and also lower power LED with higher light decay. So its trend to use high power LED source in commercial lighting. High power LED is a light ... Read More
china latest news about How to choose the right LED lamp?

How to choose the right LED lamp?

[2002-12-31 18:45:15]
Now LED lighting are getting more and more popular, and there are many optional lamps available in the market, so which lamp suitable for you? Here we teach you step by step. 1. Color temperature. Usually the LED lamp with color temperature range from 2700 ~ 6500K, the lower value tend to yellow ... Read More
china latest news about LED knowledge of what is LED?

LED knowledge of what is LED?

[2002-05-14 18:48:18]
1. What is LED? LED is the abbreviation of the English word Light Emitting Diode, the Chinese name for the light-emitting diode, is a way to convert electrical energy directly into visible light semiconductor devices. (Structure shown below) The heart of the LED, the LED chip is shown above, the one ... Read More
china latest news about The characteristics required by LED substrate material

The characteristics required by LED substrate material

[2002-06-21 17:09:37]
The quality of LED epitaxial wafers depends on the substrate material and the epitaxial technology; it’s the cornerstone of semiconductor lighting industry. Different substrate materials require different epitaxial growth technology, chip processing technology and device packaging technology. ... Read More
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